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Beating tester:Beating pulp beating degree tester principle design

2018-06-12 11:09:41 Read

Beating degree tester measuring principle: according to the principle of have - zeigler method design lab routine test instruments, based on the knocking solution in pulp and paper pulp slurry filter water velocities is inversely proportional to the phenomenon, and assess pulp beating degree of fiber are studied.

Beating degree tester test operation steps:

A, test preparation

Adjust and confirm the equipment level. Sampling pulping. See appendix A for specific provisions. Prepare 2 g dry sample absolutely, according to the rules as follows:

After drying said. This method is accurate, but slower.

Based on slurry concentration, according to the 2 g dried plasma conversion for the pulp volume, with the measuring cup measuring.

Extrusion method. Take a small amount of pulp with extrusion tool extrusion, squeeze the wet slurry approximate 6 g instead of 2 g dry pulp.

In the preparation of the samples will make measuring cylinder, add 200 ml of 0.5 ℃, 20 ℃ + distilled water, dao flake paste and stir. Continue to add distilled water, making water to 1000 ml.

Second, the test

Check to fill the house of brass, and should have no rusty spot, damage or defects such as uneven, will fill the house into the water, soaking copper mesh. If the defects in copper network, should be replaced immediately copper mesh.

To fill the house on the chamber, and made outdoor indoor cone joint cone and separation.

Turn the rope pulley, filling and sealing cone into the chamber until the detained wedge lock.

Seal cone lock operation should use the right way. Otherwise, when the wedge tight holding device, is not the right way could make the seal cone cannot be locked

Determination of the temperature of the sample and record in preparation measuring cylinder.

Stir in sample and injection of irrigation in the home.

Number will be shown in tube placed in the separation chamber inclined tube outlet, placed a measuring cylinder the straight tube under water.

Press held the handle, make the seal cone automatically rise, paste into the bottom of the chamber, fiber is taken in copper net, two outlet pipe outflow water through the separation chamber.

To the separation chamber inclined tube outlet water, no longer beating degree value read from the number shown on the cylinder (SR).

Remove pulp out from copper fill the house, on the Internet.

Down to the water of the pick up in two measuring cylinder, flush seal cone and the separation chamber.

According to the above steps to replace the sample test next time.

Third, processing of the measurement result

Such as the size of 2 g off dry pulp, can be read directly from the number of tube in beating degree value (SR).

Each size should be done twice, take the arithmetic mean as the determination results, but the relative error between the two measurements shall not exceed 4%.

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