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Compressive Strength Tester STFI:How the cartons compressive tester to test the material?

2018-06-12 11:10:36 Read

Carton is used for loading the goods, then can carry a certain pressure. Carton compression testing machine is used to detect the cartons compressive strength, how to detect?

How the cartons compressive tester to test the material? Tensile strength tester under the condition of constant speed of loading, will govern the size of the sample drawing to fracture, measuring the resistance to tension, at the same time record the maximum elongation at fracture. Tensile strength: under the conditions stipulated in the standard sample, the unit width of paper or paperboard before fracture can withstand the maximum tension, expressed in S, unit for kN/mm. Elongation at fracture: under the conditions stipulated in the standard test methods, measuring tensile sample to fracture elongation, expressed in mm. Then to calculate the fracture elongation percentage of began to stretch before sample length, namely the elongation. Results the accurate to one decimal. Carton compression testing machine should be able to in the regulation of constant speed load conditions used in the sample, testing the tensile strength and percentage of elongation of the sample.

Carton compression testing machine features:

1, instruments for the computer measurement and control, high precision, simple operation, stable and reliable performance.

2, instrument using NXP (philips) high-performance ARM core processor and Cirrus dual channel 24 bits high-speed sampling chip independently, ensure accurate sampling and high speed processing, effectively ensure the accuracy test.

3, 5.1 -inch LCD screen, Chinese menu operation interface, real-time display information such as testing value and the change of the sample curve.

4 samples, automatic measurement, intelligent lock the maximum peak, powerful data display and analysis of management ability, 99 groups of data save and print function, fault alarm prompt and sensor nonlinear correction, etc.

5, carton compression testing machine with N, KGF, LBF switch between three kinds of measurement units, the conversion function.

6, real-time clock, revoke before printing manual input date or manually fill in the date of operation.

7, the reserved RS232, usb communication interface, convenient upgrade to connect the computer measurement and control.

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