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Discussion on the rapid development of China's carton compression testing machine

2018-06-08 12:03:18 Read

Compressive Strength Tester STFI:China's carton compression testing machine industry is actively carrying out industrial innovation, but the effect is not obvious. Compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, the manufacturing technology level of domestic carton compression testing machine industry is far behind. The technical level, speed and accuracy of core components are difficult to compare with those of developed countries. Domestic carton compression testing machine enterprises do not have the sense of initiative innovation, and need to be promoted at both theoretical and practical levels. The lack of independent innovation consciousness and the lack of theoretical research ability ultimately restrict the development of carton compression testing machine technology. In order to effectively change the current situation of the carton compression test machine, we need to study the characteristics and requirements of the product technology in the user industry, and develop the high precision testing instrument according to the characteristics of the process. In addition to technological upgrading, we need to focus on theoretical research, and have long-term plans for carton compression testing machines.

Nowadays, the state has issued a series of policies to support high and new technology enterprises. As a carton compression testing machine, the enterprises should seize the opportunity to realize the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the industry. With the support of the national policy, I believe that the carton compression testing machine can achieve rapid development.

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