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The folding resistance tester is an optical-mechanical-mechanical integration structure

2018-05-21 15:58:51 Read

Folding tester:The folding endurance tester is designed according to China's national standard GB/T2679.5-1995 (Measurement of the degree of folding resistance of paper and paperboard). It is an optical-mechanical and electromechanical integration structure and can automatically count the number of double foldings of the tested sample. The photoelectric control technology of the instrument enables the collet to automatically return to position after each experiment, facilitating the next operation. The instrument has a powerful data processing function: not only can double conversion times and corresponding logarithmic value of a single sample, but also can count the experimental data of multiple samples in the same group, and can calculate the maximum value of the same group of samples. The minimum value, average value, and coefficient of variation are stored in the microcomputer and can be displayed by the digital tube. In addition, the instrument also has a print function.

The folding endurance tester ensures the stability and accuracy of the test results while achieving no noise during the test. This product adopts the imported servo motor to realize the conversion of the angle of 135±2° directly on the motor to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional folding endurance instrument adopting the mechanical conversion method to achieve the large noise in the angle conversion process.

Folding tester technical parameters

1. Measurement range: 0 to 9999 times.

2. Folding angle: 135±2°,

3. The folding speed is 175±10 times/min.

4. The width of the folding head is 19±1mm.

5. The folding radius is 0.38±0.02mm.

6. The spring tension is 4.91-14.72N. For each added 9.81N tension, the spring is compressed at least 17mm.

7. The gap between the folds is 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00mm.

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