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2018-04-28 21:16:08 Read

Under the invitation of Beijing Bo Sheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the company will take part in the "target buyer docking conference" held in Guangzhou in July 15, 2018, and will be provided by our senior engineer on the site for overseas customers to provide laboratory testing technical consultation and instrument supporting services.

Beijing bloomer advocates "Lets GoChina target buyer docking", which aims to bring high quality international end users (two or three level corrugating plants) to China to bring a platform for Chinese cardboard carton machinery suppliers and international purchasers to face a face-to-face business at home. On the basis of the production problems encountered by the overseas end users every year, the Chinese high quality solutions are published and discussed at the site of the activities, and the latest technology and products of China are issued to the overseas end users.


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